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Announcing Rich E. Obscure's first book!
If You Want to Be Rich Don't Buy This Book

So welcome to me. This is my soap box and since I have many interests I'm sure it will grow and expand significantly (if I don't loose interest first). I will probably spend most of my time on money issues and politics because I'm really boring. No actually I hope I'm not that boring but those are issues I care about. I also care about cycling, skiing, boating and traveling among other things so I'm not that boring after all. The reason I care so much about finances is that I see too many people getting rich ripping other people off because they believe there is an easy way to riches. The reason I care so much about politics is because I believe we all have a role to play to improve society.

Let me know what you think about me, this website or any issue that you feel I'd be interested in. If you don't want the world to see what you want to say to me you can always email me privately. Enjoy the site and I hope in some way we can all make the world a better place.

Oh yeah what about the title of this site? Well who can argue with being reasonable. That's not much to ask. Reason is what's lacking in so many aspects of our lives. It's been supplanted by instant gratification and political expediency. We argue points based on emotion and selfishness rather than facts. It seems to me that people are just out for themselves. Hopefully, together we can do something to change that.

December 13, 2005: Number three in my critique of Robert Kiyosaki's posts on Yahoo! Finance.

November 18, 2005: There is more to managing your finances than a number. Why your credit score isn't so important after all.

November 15, 2005: A recent NY Times article captures my sentiments about personal finance books

October 28, 2005: My second critique of Robert Kiyosaki's advice on Yahoo! Finance.

October 26, 2005: After a vacation and brief illness (so early in the season) I'm back. And inspired by my vacation is this post on The Good Life.

October 26, 2005: Appearances can be deceiving. I learned this while shopping on Rodeo Drive.