How much do you save? Do you know a percentage without thinking of it? Well I don't and I never really did but I can find out in seconds because I keep track of all my expenses. You don't have to be a walking encyclopedia of your finances but knowing that you can find anything out is important. So go look. How much do you save?

If you're a typical American then according to government statistics you don't save anything. Nothing. Zero. And that is pathetic.

This article at talks about something I'm a big advocate of. If you can't save any money then spend less. It's really the same thing but for some reason people just can't make themselves save money.

"With America's savings rate at zero, we know that repetition of the "Save 10%" mantra isn't working. We need to motivate people in new ways, to think positive and increase incomes, while living within our means rather than borrowing excessively to consume."

When you keep track of your income, expenses and your overall net worth you have a clear picture of how well you're really doing. It's the net worth figure that will tell you the truth. If it's a negative number then you have some serious thinking to do.