I Hate Cliches

Cliches bother me. They’re cute, make you think and sometimes provide the incentive you need to change your evil ways but most of the time they’re just gimmicks people use to justify their laziness or stupidity.

I know I can be harsh sometimes but really, how many times have you heard people justify the fact that they aren’t doing better by saying "you have to have money to make money?" That sounds more like an excuse to me (although I've been guilty of saying it myself).

The offending cliché for this post is one that has probably done more good than harm. Read that one again. I said more good then harm so why has it attracted the rath of Rich? Because I can write about anything I want that's why.

OK the real reason is that I want to make it clear that one liners aren't enough. When you find this great cliché that helps you to save more, you have to then move on to the other aspects of your financial life that need help.

Alright what is the offending cliché already? It's "pay yourself first." I hate that one.

The first thing "pay yourself first" says to me is that the key to getting out of debt is to add another bill to your responsibilities. I imagine someone paying themselves first while they continue putting more and more items on their credit cards because they aren't leaving themselves with enough money when the bills come due. I can imagine that their zeal to save, to see progress, won't do them any good if they ignore the underlying reasons why they were in trouble in the first place.

How about get your finances in order first then begin paying yourself. It's not as short or simple and it doesn't sound as good, but that's exactly what someone in debt, someone struggling with money needs to do.