Moving Targets

Just when you think youíve made it, they move the goal posts. Who they are I donít know but itís easy to blame them.

I finally made it to a million dollars in net worth and then I read that most calculations donít include the value of your primary residence. For a lot of people that represents quite a bit of their worth.

I was dissapointed because I had to work that much more to reach a goal I thought Iíd already gotten to. But the truth is that whenever you reach a goal, youíre not done. Thereís always more to do. Ok I had a million dollars but like anything itís relative and I realized that my lifestyle made it impossible for me to feel rich. Rich was what I saw on TV, the yachts whose wake I jumped on my Seadoo.

Letís say your goal is to pay off all your credit card debt. Once you get there, are you done? Of course not now youíll turn your attention to something else. Maybe it wonít be financial in nature but the point is that you move on and have something more to work for.

When I first started working my main goal was to buy a Jetski. Now, when my nephew talks of the same goal my advice is much like the adults who lectured me about not spending too much on toys I couldnít afford. I did get the Jetski and moved on to other goals.

In spite of the recklessness of the previous paragrah, it took me 16 years after I got my drivers liscence to finally buy a luxury sports car and the next summer who came driving up in the exact car I bought other than my nephew. Again my advice was that there were other things he could have done with his money. I again spoke from experience but this time my experience matched my actions. I waited to buy that sports car because I had other priorities not least of which was accumulating enough wealth that I wouldnít have to stretch myself thin to afford the car as my nephew was doing now. As a matter of fact, he came to me later that year and said he wished he could get rid of the car because it was costing him too much money between insurance, maintenance and gas. Some lessons you have to learn the hard way.

But back to those moving targets. I had my sports car now but was I satisfied? Nope. I now lust after an even more expensive, faster and more luxurious model. Apparently Iím never happy. Actually Iím always happy Iím just not satisfied.

Sometimes the goalposts move because youíve reached them, as was the case with my car. Other times you think youíre about to score and someone else moves the goalposts as was the case when I thought I had finally made the ranks of a millionaire. Either way, however, you have to keep moving forward, in spite of any setbacks you have to stay focused.