So who am I? Well that's sort of complicated. You see I don't actually want you to know who I am. I would much prefer if you just listened to what I said and made decisions based on that. If you agree with me fine if you don't then you can ignore me. The choice is yours.

Obviously Rich E. Obscure is an invention, what's not so obvious is that Rich is based on a real life, mine. Rich believes what I believe because he is me and I am him. He offers me a bit more leverage in the stories I can tell. Sure some of the information will be true and some will be made up but the underlying point, the moral of the story doesn't change.

As a person there are things I want to change about myself but Rich is basically perfect. Rich E. Obscure doesn't really make mistakes and when he does those mistakes are always used to learn how to be that much more successful in the future.

If you couldn't tell from my name I have some level of wealth. Being rich (small R) is relative. We're all poor compared to Bill Gates and most people are destitute compared to any big name actor in Hollywood. But it's true Rich is rich (even richer than I am) but you wouldn't know it. Rich E. Obscure blends in with society, he is no one and everyone. Rich is hidden, unseen. He is the millionaire next door.

Remember wealth is relative and so looking at what I have, my possessions, you might think I'm like anyone else out there these days, up to my ears in debt. Other than my mortgage (and a car loan), however, I am completely debt free. Sure I use credit cards and yes I have a car loan but I never carry a balance on the cards and could pay off the car without making a dent in my checkbook. And my vacation home at the beach is completely paid off.

I didn't become rich by inheriting the money although I did inherit something just as valuable. I learned from my parents that hard work and struggle do pay off and that there is only one person to blame for failure and one person to credit for success, yourself. I got whatever I have through careful deliberation of every financial decision in my life.

I realized that even an average salary is enough to live comfortably if you make the right decisions and are willing to give up some things in exchange for others. We've all seen examples of this in life. We've all read the news reports of some school janitor who worked all his life and upon his death left millions of dollars to the school. If he could do it so can you but you don't have to give it all away. You can use that money for a better and more secure retirement. Or you can simply take spectacular vacations not usually available to people of your means.

In a perfect world we would all be responsible for our own well being without relying on the government or our employers. We would save enough not to worry about Social Security or our pensions. That's not to say that these things aren't important or even necessary but we do have to be more responsible for ourselves. The person who buys a house they can hardly afford and furnishes it with everything bought on credit that will take years to payoff, should be the exception rather than the rule. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about the next round of layoffs because you have enough saved to weather any storm?

I've achieved this level of security and while it would certainly be a burden if I lost my job it wouldn't be a catastrophe. My message is simple and if I reach only one person (hopefully you) then I'm glad. So who or what I am is much less important than what I say. I'm not a financial professional, in other words, I'm not a financial planner, analyst or accountant but I am practical. I actually use common sense something that would go a long way toward helping people become more responsible if they would just use it.