Ok so you clicked on whatever link took you here because you're wondering about something to do with finances. Maybe you just want to know what I think or you want help with something and think I can provide it. Maybe you're like me and just want as much information as possible.

Before we go any further, though, there's something you have to know. I don't actually know anything. Oh sure I might be good with finances and able to invest well enough and make a decent living but I (and this goes for everyone else too) don't actually know enough to offer you any kind of advice. That doesn't stop most people from doing it however and it won't stop me either. As a matter of fact I even wrote a book about finances so how's that for not keeping my mouth shut?

There is a lot of great advice out there whether it's on the internet, in books, magazines or on TV but there's also a lot of bad advice. The problem is that the person with good advice for you might not have such good advice for me. The other thing is that we probably already know what we're doing wrong we just need to stop doing it.

I see the same images of wealth that you do but if I think I'm going to get to that level (Rock Star Rich) by doing anything other than becoming a rock star I'm sadly mistaken. There are plenty of super wealthy people out there but if you're reading books, magazines and this website (among others) trying to get rich, then I'd say the chances of becoming uberwealthy is pretty slim. On the other hand if you are the CEO of some Fortune 100 company then you're probably already really rich and there just isn't any reason for you to be reading this.

I spent years reading books, magazines and watching CNBC to find the secret to becoming rich only to learn that there is no secret. That's the real secret and none of these people want you to find out because they'll be out of business. Of course just because you already know what you have to do to increase your wealth doesn't mean you actually do it and so these books (like mine) and magazines and TV shows are of some benefit if they get you to change your evil ways.

So what great advice do I have? Well first of all you have to remember to have fun now, to live life to the fullest. But don't go overboard. I mean I'd love to quit my job and travel and really live but the cold reality is that there has to be balance. And just as working long hours at two jobs and living on canned tuna fish as a means to early retirement is a bit extreme so is living as if money doesn't matter and the future will take care of itself.

Ask yourself what you want out of life. Ask yourself if are you willing to sacrifice a little (or a lot) now for a better life in the future. The more you sacrifice now the more you'll have later but don't forget about the balance (oh won't anyone think about the balance). Saving for the future is called living below your means. You might have the means to buy the expensive Porsche (or be willing to go deep into debt to do it) but if that comes at the expense of savings then you're either living at your means (breaking even) or above your means (going into debt).

That's it, that's the secret and all you have to do is decide how much you're willing to sacrifice to reach whatever goal you have in mind. Maybe you want to retire early or start your own business or maybe you just want to have the freedom to walk away from a crappy job or lousy boss without wondering how you're going to live. All of these things are possible no matter how much (or little) you make if you're willing to do what it takes.

There are other ways to accomplish your financial goals but most of them aren't in your control. I'm thinking specifically about risk and luck. Taking risks can have a big payoff and luck certainly doesn't hurt but taking stupid risks and counting on luck will probably land you in worse shape then you are in today.

Keep looking (and come back here often) for all the advice you can find but understand that you truly know what you have to do. Now dot it.