Knowledge by Association

I’ve heard it said that if you quote Shakespear people will think you’re smart. Well these days it seems that all you have to do is mention Warren Buffet and people will think you are some kind of an financial expert.

Paul Farrell, in his latest article, talks about Mr. Buffet’s new venture – a cartoon to teach chilren financial concepts. But, says Mr. Farrell, it is adults who should be watching and listening. From a huge trade deficit to outrageous CEO pay, it seems no one is actually putting Mr. Buffet’s successful strategies to use.

Mr. Farrell’s article is an example of someone with the credibility and background to quote Warren Buffet. But even people I consider scam artists try to cash in on the integrity Mr. Buffet has earned.

Robert Kiyosaki has been writing articles for Yahoo! Finance and in a good number of them he has quoted Warren Buffet. But as they say “even the devil can quote the bible.”

Kiyosaki takes the sage, prudent advice from Mr. Buffet and uses it to make becoming rich seem easy. He does this by using the example of real estate investing as if it’s a sure thing. Nothing is a sure thing and anyone who says it’s easy to get rich is probably talking about themselves getting rich off of people actually believing them.

People quote Warren Buffet and write books with titles like "The Warren Buffet Way” because Mr. Buffet makes sense. But if you want to know what Warren Buffet thinks or want to know his investing philosophy, the best person to listen to is Warren Buffet himself.

On the Berkshire Hathaway website there is a document called "An Owner's Manual" that pretty much spells out Mr. Buffet’s investing philosophy. I suggest you read that rather than listen to someone (including me) quote Warren Buffet.